By H. E. Marshall

Contents half I tales OF EXPLORERS AND PIONEERS 1. How the Vikings of outdated Sought and located New Lands 2. the ocean of Darkness And the nice religion of Columbus three. How Columbus Fared Forth Upon the ocean of Darkness And got here To friendly Lands past four. How Columbus lower back in Triumph five. How the US was once Named 6. How the Flag of britain was once Planted at the shorelines of the hot global 7. How the Flag of France was once Planted in Florida eight. How the French based a Colony in Florida nine. How the Spaniards Drove the French Out of Florida 10. How a Frenchman Avenged the loss of life of His Countrymen eleven. The Adventures of Sir Humphrey Gilbert 12. approximately Sir Walter Raleigh's Adventures within the Golden West half II tales OF VIRGINIA thirteen. The Adventures of Captain John Smith 14. extra Adventures of Captain John Smith 15. How the Colony was once kept sixteen. How Pocahontas Took a trip Over the Seas 17. How the Redmen Fought opposed to Their White Brothers 18. How Englishmen Fought a Duel With Tyranny 19. the arrival of the Cavaliers 20. Bacon's uprising 21. the tale of the Knights of the Golden Horseshoe half III tales of recent ENGLAND 22. the tale of the Pilgrim Fathers 23. The Founding of Massachusetts 24. the tale of Harry Vane 25. the tale of Anne Hutchinson And the Founding of Rhode Island 26. The Founding of Harvard 27. How Quakers First got here To New England 28. How Maine And New Hampshire have been based 29. The Founding of Connecticut And battle With the Indians 30. The Founding of latest Haven 31. the search For the Regicides 32. King Philip's warfare 33. How the constitution of Connecticut used to be kept 34. The Witches of Salem half IV tales OF the center AND SOUTHERN COLONIES 35. The Founding of Maryland 36. How New Amsterdam Be got here long island 37. How a German governed big apple 38. Pirates! 39. The Founding of recent Jersey forty. The Founding of Pennsylvania forty-one. How Benjamin Franklin got here To Philadelphia forty two. The Founding of North And South Carolina forty three. battle with the Indians in North and South Carolina forty four. The Founding of Georgia half V tales OF THE FRENCH IN the US forty five. How the Mississippi used to be found forty six. King William's warfare And Queen Anne's warfare forty seven. The Mississippi Bubble forty eight. How a poor catastrophe happened the British military forty nine. the top of French Rule in the US 50. The uprising of Pontiac half VI tales OF THE fight FOR LIBERTY fifty one. The Boston Tea-Party fifty two. Paul Revere's experience - The Unsheathing of the Sword fifty three. the 1st Thrust - The conflict Or Bunker Hill fifty four. The conflict in Canada fifty five. The beginning of a very good state fifty six. The Darkest Hour - Trenton And Princeton fifty seven. Burgoyne's crusade - Bennington And Oriskany fifty eight. Burgoyne's crusade - Bemis Heights And Saratoga fifty nine. Brandywine - Germantown - Valley Forge 60. struggle at the Sea sixty one. The conflict of Monmouth - the tale of Captain Molly sixty two. the tale of a very good Crime sixty three. A Turning aspect within the World's heritage half VII tales OF the U.S. below THE structure sixty four. Washington First in warfare, First in Peace sixty five. Adams - How He saved Peace With France sixty six. Jefferson - How the Territory of the us was once Doubled sixty seven. Jefferson - How the Door Into the a long way West was once Opened sixty eight. Jefferson - approximately an American Who desired to Be a King sixty nine. Madison - The taking pictures megastar And the Prophet 70. Madison - struggle With nice Britain seventy one. Monroe - the 1st Whispers of a hurricane - Monroe's well-known Doctrine seventy two. Adams - The Tariff of Abominations seventy three. Jackson - "Liberty And Union, Now And ceaselessly" - Van Buren - difficult occasions seventy four. Harrison - The Hero of Tippecanoe, seventy five. Tyler - Florida turns into a country seventy six. Polk - How a lot Land was once extra To the us seventy seven. Polk - The discovering of Gold seventy eight. Taylor - Union Or Disunion seventy nine. Fillmore - The Underground Railroad eighty. Pierce - the tale of "Bleeding Kansas" eighty one. Buchanan - the tale of the Mormons eighty two. Buchanan - the 1st pictures eighty three. Lincoln - From Bull Run To castle Donelson eighty four. Lincoln - the tale of the 1st conflict among Ironclads eighty five. Lincoln - through conflict of Shiloh And the Taking of latest Orleans 86. Lincoln ...

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