“A pioneering choice of essays at the international of anarchists, anarcho-syndicalists and libertarian thinkers in Latin America.”—Barry Carr, coeditor of The New Latin American Left: Cracks within the Empire
“An very important contribution to a contemporary pattern which sees anarchism now not as derived from a eu middle yet as a real Latin American phenomenon.”—Bert Altena, coeditor of Reassessing the Transnational flip: Scales of study in Anarchist and Syndicalist Studies
“Thoughtful, well-researched, and well-written. As a set, this is going some distance to furthering our figuring out not only of anarchism in Latin the US, yet of anarchism extra generally.”—Mark Leier, writer of Bakunin: The artistic Passion.

during this groundbreaking number of essays, anarchism in Latin the United States turns into even more than a prelude to populist and socialist routine. The individuals illustrate a way more immense, differentiated, and energetic anarchist presence within the quarter that developed on simultaneous—transnational, nationwide, local, and local—fronts.
Representing a brand new wave of transnational scholarship, those essays study city and rural routine, indigenous resistance, race, gender, sexuality, and social and academic experimentation. they give a number of views on anarchism’s function in shaping rules approximately nationalism, id, geared up hard work, and counterculture throughout a large swath of Latin America. 

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